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Enjoy the benefits of advanced dental technology with the CEREC system – where you can receive essential treatment in just one appointment.

Also called ‘crowns in a day’, this system saves you time and discomfort. Instead of making two to three appointments to have a crown or dental restoration fitted, we can offer patients the convenience of completing necessary treatment in just one visit to our practice.

CEREC allows us to build your crown or porcelain filling in just 30 minutes at the surgery and at Royal Wharf Dental, we invested in this dental technology so that our patients benefit from its advanced manufacturing processes.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a computer-assisted manufacturing technique which is installed at the practice.

Normally, if you require a crown, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and these will be sent to the laboratory. Once the crown has been built at the laboratory, you will revisit the practice for the fitting procedure.

However, with CEREC, we take photographs of the affected tooth and the computer does the rest. The crown is designed by the sophisticated 3D software and then ‘cut’ from a ceramic or porcelain block. In just half an hour, your dentist can fit your new dental restoration, which is just as strong and resilient as traditionally made dental restorations.

We are proud to offer our patients the latest in dental technology.

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