Our hygienists play a key role in your dental health and are always happy to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

As experienced dental professionals, our hygienists are also trained to spot any areas of concern that may need to be assessed by one of the Royal Wharf Dental dentists.

By visiting our hygienist every four to six months, you can keep one step ahead of decay and bacteria.

Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of gum disease, the formation of cavities, bad breath and other oral problems, so it is important to ensure you maintain a positive oral home care routine.

Our hygienists can help you to look after your teeth on a daily basis by advising you on what products to use and showing you correct brushing and flossing techniques. They can also help you care for your children’s teeth, and provide dietary advice and smoking cessation tips.

At Royal Wharf Dental, our dentists and hygienists are at your service to ensure better oral health.

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