Dermal fillers help to contour the face, create a skin that appears smoother and fuller, and generally help you to look and feel younger.

Used all over the world by millions of people seeking to revitalise their appearance, dermal fillers banish wrinkles and creases on the face or hands, enhance facial features and restore skin that has lost volume over time.

All our dermal filler treatments are carried out by our internationally trained and highly respected expert injector Dr Luke.

Dermal fillers can be used to treat the following skin concerns:


  • Restore volume and ‘fill’ wrinkles and creases
  • Target specific areas such as at the corners of the mouth, on the neck, décolletage and hands
  • Adding volume and shape to the lips
  • Adding volume, shape and definition to the cheeks

Only the best products will do for his patients and with that in mind he uses the highest quality dermal fillers opting to use the extensive Aliaxin range of products from HA-derma.

The treatment

When you attend for a dermal filler consultation, we will first discuss your skin concerns and advise how dermal fillers can restore these areas. The treatment itself is quick and comfortable. The dermal filler is administered through a series of injections into the identified areas.

You may experience slight redness following the treatment, but this will pass allowing you to get on with your day.

The full effects of the treatment can be seen almost immediately, however, we recommend waiting for at least ten days to really see the results.

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