The Inman aligner works to correct a range of orthodontic issues and move teeth into a straighter, more aligned position.

This removable device creates results in as little as 16 weeks and can be worn by patients with crooked front teeth, ‘buck’ teeth, rotated teeth and crossbites.

The aligner works by applying opposing forces on the teeth – from the back and at the front. Although these forces are gentle, they are extremely effective at helping the teeth move into a new position.

The Inman aligner must be worn for up to 20 hours a day and we will check your progress every few weeks. At the end of treatment, we will provide you with a retainer to maintain the new positon of your teeth.

Benefits of the Inman Aligner include:

  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Advanced dental technology
  • Tackles a range of orthodontic issues
  • Gradual movement of the teeth
  • Designed for comfort

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