At Royal Wharf Dental, we offer a number of solutions to replacing missing teeth and our dentists utilise the latest in dental technology to provide patients with natural-looking and fully-functioning prosthetic replacements.

Whether you have lost one tooth, a couple of teeth or have had multiple teeth extracted at once, our dentists can help you plan how to replace these and restore your smile.

Missing teeth can impact on the way you eat and speak, but they can also affect your confidence and the way you interact with others. For those patients who have lost multiple teeth, this can also impact their jaw bone over time and cause changes in facial shape.

From traditional dental treatments to cutting edge technology, at Royal Wharf Dental we offer patients a range of treatments to replace missing teeth:

  • Dental bridges and crowns – natural and resilient, these are tried and tested restorations used towards the back of the mouth
  • Dentures – removable and easy to clean, dentures can be full or partial and depend on the extent of tooth loss
  • Dental implants – thought to be the most durable and long-lasting solution to missing teeth, implants are embedded into the jaw bone and crowns are attached to them

Whatever treatment you choose, our dentists will discuss the process with you in detail, advise you of the advantages and disadvantages and present alternatives.

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