In just six short months, the Six Month Smiles system can straighten your front teeth for noticeable results.

Designed for patients aged over 16, Six Month Smiles targets the front teeth and is a subtle, yet powerful brace system. It is primarily used to correct cosmetic orthodontic issues

This fixed brace is made of two main components – transparent brackets which are affixed to the teeth and a tooth-colored wire, which discretely blends into the mouth. You will visit us at various points throughout the treatment, to allow us to tighten the wire which helps gently guide your teeth into place.

Benefits of the Six-Month-Smiles system include:

  • Ideal for people who work in client/customer facing jobs
  • Discrete fixed appliance
  • Shortened treatment time
  • Focus on front teeth
  • New position of teeth can be maintained with a retainer

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