When the inside of a tooth becomes infected, you may require endodontic or root canal treatment.

Endodontics focuses on the internal structures of a tooth, which includes dental pulp, soft tissue and the dental nerve. These delicate structures are protected by the hard outer shell (or enamel) of your tooth and can become vulnerable to infection or damage if this outer layer is damaged.

Endodontic treatment is a highly specialised field of dentistry and at Royal Wharf Dental, we are proud to offer our patients this advanced level of care.

Symptoms of an internal tooth infection include generalised dental pain, pain in chewing, swelling or an abscess. It is important we treat the problem as soon as possible to prevent any further deterioration.

What causes internal root infections?

There are many reasons you might experience a root infection, some of which include:

  • Decay has weakened the enamel of your tooth
  • Damage or trauma to the tooth has caused a chip or crack
  • A dental restoration (for example, a crown or bridge) has loosened or dislodged

In each of the above instances, the inside of the tooth becomes more vulnerable to infection and bacteria.

Root canal treatment is the most common form of endodontic treatment. Your dentist will access the inside of your tooth to clear out the infection and apply a disinfectant solution and fill in the cavity hole with white fillings. Without receiving this necessary treatment, your symptoms of pain and infection may worsen and ultimately you could lose your tooth.

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