A filling is required to ‘fill’ a cavity or hole that has formed in the outer surface of your tooth and prevent any further damage from occurring.

At Royal Wharf Dental, we offer a range of filling types from metallic to ceramic, so you have a choice of treatment.

While metallic fillings are long-lasting and durable, ceramic or white fillings are considered just as resilient. They also have the added bonus of blending in with your natural teeth, so your treatment is virtually invisible.

Why do cavities occur?

Poor oral hygiene is often the main reason many adults require a filling at one stage or another.

When plaque builds up on the tooth, the acid in the plaque attacks the outer surface of the tooth (the enamel) and this eventually causes cavities to form. Without a filling, these cavities can become deeper and leave the inside of the tooth or the dental nerve vulnerable to infection.

White Filling treatment is quick and almost painless. We can use local anaesthetic around the affected area to ensure your ongoing comfort.

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