Experiencing fear or anxiety before you visit a dentist is quite a common phenomenon. While our team always enjoys welcoming new patients, we understand that some patients would rather be anywhere else.

At Royal Wharf Dental, we are sensitive to patients who experience dental phobia or anxiety and work gently with them, at their own pace, to try and allay their fears.

How can we help?

Avoiding the dentist is detrimental for your oral health and can sometimes result in you requiring additional treatment. We encourage our patients to attend routine check-ups and hygienist appointments so ensure your dental health remains at its best.

For patients who are apprehensive about visiting us, we can help in the following ways:

  • Communication – let us know as early as possible if you are worried about seeing a dentist, sowe can prepare for the appointment ahead. During the appointment, we will provide you with all the information you need so you understand each step we take.
  • Assistance – you can attend your appointment with a friend or family member for additional support throughout the appointment. This can help you feel safe and relaxed.
  • Reduce waiting times – by seeing you as soon as you arrive, we hope to reduce the nervous anticipation you feel beforehand.
  • Sedation – if you require a treatment or procedure, we can offer different levels of sedation to make your experience more manageable. Please let us know beforehand and we will talk you through the sedation options.

While we take pride in treating all our patients with care and compassion, for those who feel nervous or have a real phobia, we will take some extra time to make sure you feel at ease and confident in our care.

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