Our dentists will do all they can to ensure your teeth are healthy, strong and last a lifetime – but occasionally it becomes necessary to remove a natural tooth, either to preserve the health of surrounding teeth or to remove an unhealthy tooth.

It is a quick treatment, in which our experienced dentists have extensive experience performing for patients of all ages.

Why teeth need to be extracted

There are many reasons why you may require a tooth extraction, here are just a few:

  • Overcrowding – one or more teeth might need an extraction to make space for the remaining teeth. This is commonly carried out prior to orthodontic treatment so the remaining teeth have space to move.
  • Damaged by decay or trauma – where a tooth has been negatively affected by decay or trauma and cannot be restored or repaired with a root canal, extraction may be the next best option.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth – these need to be extracted to preserve the health of your remaining teeth, and avoid overcrowding and/or gum infections.
  • Recurring infections – where a gum or nerve experiences repeated infections, it may be necessary to remove the affected tooth to resolve the problem.

Tooth Extraction is generally performed under local anaesthetic, however, patients who experience dental anxiety or phobia may feel more comfortable with a deeper level of sedation. We will discuss this with you prior to treatment.

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